Wisdom cannot be defined by age. Wisdom is gained through life experiences.


Let’s Start From The Beginning

I’m a passionate sales leader and family man who loves running, music, and staying healthy. I take pride in the hard work I put in to advance my career. My mother taught me a long time ago you can’t understand someone fully until you know their journey.  These are the milestones that shaped me into the person I am today!

What Others Are Saying

I truly can’t think of ONE single mentor/life coach/professional role model that’s had a greater impact on my sales career and professional development than Andrew Metz”

Mike Henninger 

Director of Sales at Accelity


“Andrew’s tremendous hard work, desire for continuous learning and improvement, generosity and humility have earned him recognition as a catalyst for growth within the community. He invests in the people around him and inspires and encourages them to attain their own personal bests. His willingness to share valuable lessons, insights, and wisdom learned over his business career and his remarkable public speaking abilities have resulted in regular speaking requests with a variety of audiences.”

Romila Singh, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Human Resource Management
Director, Master’s Programs

Faculty Advisor, UWM-SHRM

“Everyone needs a Metz. I talk about leading with love all the time, integrity is one of the main pillars of doing so. That’s something you’ll find in Metz regardless of  what role he is playing, father, leader, runner, or mentor.”

Dylan Ali 

Leadership Coach and Speaker


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My belief is that you are learning something new, or you are dying. I invest in the team around me. Over the years I have hired and groomed rock star sales managers who help me grow and retain revenue. Years of Sales Leadership has presented regular speaking opportunities at organizations, associations, and academic institutions. My speaking topics include career progression, leadership, storytelling, and generational communication.


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